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Yellow = Safer, more
Permanent results.

The ProYellow 577nm laser is the ideal laser for targeting skin lesions. It penetrates deeper than conventional lasers, simultaneously addressing both visible lesions and underlying structures. This translates to safer, more permanent results and fewer side effects for both light & darker pigmented skin.

Why color matters.

The ideal color (or wavelength of light) for targeting lesions is pure yellow (measured as 577 nanometers). Yellow is a photoselective wavelength that targets blood vessels with minimal impact on skin pigment.


In turn, medical professionals can now safely treat both a broader range of skin issues and skin types (I to V, including Asian, African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and South American skin types).

The ProYellow is now the preferred laser by a growing number of key opinion leaders worldwide for safe treatment of both light & dark skin types (I to V), for the following indications:


Treatment Options

Treatable Skin Types (I to V)

• age spots / anti-aging

• birthmarks

• erythema

• freckles

• melasma

• moles
• pigmented lesions

• post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

• rosacea

• skin tags

• scar revision
• sebaceous hyperplasia
• seborrheic keratosis
• skin tags

• solar lentigines (sun spots)
• vascular lesions

• warts
• wrinkles

• and more... just ask us :)

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